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July 27, 2014
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Owning a Home in Europe is like living In Houston

Its everyone’s wish to own a home at one point in your life and eventually lift some weight off your shoulders as you forget about paying rent altogether. Buying a property- be it a house or loft – in Houston, Texas like in many other places is not an easy feat.

The costs of the homes vary depending on its locality and its size. The process of buying homes is quite competitive and in most areas the houses do not stay in the market for long. Therefore, delaying can be costly for you. However, there are also other areas where the demand is lower and a house can stay for months in the market.

This high demand of houses is what makes it imperative for you to hire a realtor in order to avoid getting tangled in the complexity of the trade.This is all too common in westernized European countries. Finding a reliable realtor will ensure things go smoothly. Through the help of friends or families or by checking their ratings you can find a well-informed expert. The realtor experience can be seen from the number of deals they have closed, their reputation and their easy-going manner especially during communication.

Mortgage brokers are also important when acquiring a home. The whole home buying process in Europe is different than in the states, but the quality of life in Houston draws many comparisons to living in Europe.When doing this you should avoid internet lenders and banks with high rates. You should also know the price range of the home you can acquire. Sometimes your credit history or current income may not allow you to purchase that big house. The pre-approval further assists you to know how much you can borrow and properly estimate the best house in your price range.

It is after knowing your price range that the realtor comes in. They provide you with an up to date information about neighborhoods, the demand and a buyer’s checklist to assist you in selecting one that fits you. It is prudent to analyze these homes cautiously. Various people have various preferences so be sure and be clear about what you want.

Selecting a home be it a condominium, a loft or a single family house can also be time consuming. It is important to check the social amenities available for you to lead a comfortable life. Here the realtor should be at your disposal to help in analyzing its locality, its quality and overall value and assist you get the finest home for your family.

You can then tour the homes you selected in Houston and see them in person. From your list you can then cancel and in the end chose one that is most appealing. The next step is to make an offer with the guidance of your agent. With their comprehensive analysis of current pricing from recently sold similar homes and latest sales trends you can know the best pricing when making the offer. As said earlier the market in most parts of Houston is quite competitive. Therefore, it is more likely to be a seller’s market where you need to bid a higher price than others unlike in buyer’s market where you control the negotiations. For in-depth Houston Loft rental and sale advice, visit URL Properties.

It is after negotiations that you agree on terms of sale and make a contract. You can choose to do a final home inspection with an expert to ensure everything is in good shape before finalizing the deal. There are also other legal processes to ensure the premises are debt free to save you future trouble.And there, your dream home in Houston is yours.

July 12, 2014
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Taxed as investment in gold and silver in Spain

Precious metals, with gold and silver in front, are increasingly hollow in the portfolio of investors in Spain. In a world where diversification has become an obligation rather than an option, commodities have gained weight compared to stocks and other investment vehicles and therefore its taxation too.

Gold Ingots

However, before embarking on the purchase of gold or any other precious metal should be clear not only the prospects for its price, but also the taxes that we pay to buy it and then sell it. At this point we must distinguish between gold and other precious metals and different investment vehicles.

In this sense, investment gold is exempt from paying VAT provided that the physical gold, ie, ingots and coins. Moreover, the purity in the case of the ingotmust be greater than 99.5% and 80% in the case of coins. Those who do not meet these conditions will have to pay the VAT of 21%, the same rate applied to the purchase of other precious metals, including  silver investment.

If instead of investing in physical metals prices do through ETFs, futures and even shares of mining companies, there is no VAT to pay, but surely investment agencies charged another set of charges.

Gold surpassed taxation at the time of purchase touches address what happens at the time of sale. Regardless of the formula used for the purchase, it is certain that you will pay the income tax on the profits generated by the transaction. Thus, if a gain has been achieved with the operation will be necessary to reflect, considering that this is calculated by the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. This also applies to gifts and inheritances.

Under current legislation the taxation of savings establishes three tranches:

  • Yields up to 6,000 euros – 21%
  • Yields 6,000 to 24,000 euros – 25%
  • Yields exceeding 24,000 euros – 27%.

These sections apply to the money generated by any gold investment vehicle. Only a small nuance should make reference to investment funds. And is that unlike other financial products, in the case of funds will not pay taxes on profits whenever these are used to invest in another fund.

July 8, 2014
by 30juinrockhal
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Arrested in Madrid join race for cyclists to steal best fixed gear bikes

Agents of the Guardia Civil in Madrid have arrested a person accused of stealing best fixed gear bikes, for which came to join cycling races in order to commit their crimes, as reported by the Civil Guard in a statement.


The investigation originated early last June, after receipt at the Post Civil Guard of San Martin de Valdeiglesias (Madrid) a complaint from a person who communicated the theft of a bicycle racing sport as a career unfolded .

Just be aware of the fact, agents begun the corresponding investigations, noting the existence of three similar cases reported in the San Martin de Valdeiglesias.

Thanks to the cooperation of the victims themselves, the Civil Guard became aware of a website in which parts similar to those of the stolen bikes were offered, so he proceeded to carry out “a thorough follow up on the” making identify the manager and owner of the site, focusing all inquiries about this person.


During a transaction recorded two bikes last week, officers identified the alleged seller and found that the serial numbers of the bikes that this person was trying to sell – “at a considerably lower price than the market,” he pointed Meritorious- – coincided with the stolen bikes.

Therefore, the officers arrested the person, which subsequently transferred to the Guardia Civil headquarters for the instruction of the legal proceedings. This is a 35 year old male, residing in the Madrid suburb of Getafe. He is accused of three robberies and three counts of theft.

After his arrest, agents have managed to recover two other bikes and various effects, such as helmets, goggles and GPS devices, the detainee had also stolen in their robberies.


The alleged criminal arrested trajectory indicates their knowledge of the world of sport bike and high material prices highly competitive. Thus there was aware of the tournaments were to be held, in which even came to join.

However, far from participating in them, localized vehicles participants with the best bikes for taking advantage of any carelessness competitors sustraerlas. Robberies clarified so far were committed in San Martin de Colmenar de Oreja Valdeiglesias and in Madrid, Ronda (Malaga) and La Solana (Ciudad Real), coinciding with all competitions.

Subsequently, parts or bicycles, were offered for sale through specialized websites.Investigating officers was favored because of the bikes stolen by this individual was in promotion, and had not yet gone on sale, so it was a unique piece.

May 5, 2014
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Europe is home to the largest amount of gold reserves

Many countries in the region have gold reserves representing on average 80 % of GDP , but they can not sell because of the risk of unleashing a golden war.

The world’s gold reserves totaled 31,500 tonnes at the end of 2012 , according to World Gold Council and the London Metal Exchange. The third of these reserves are in Europe , one of the regions with greater economic problems today.

Europe is the region that has more reserves in gold metal , with figures even represent a high percentage of its Gross Domestic Product ; however, sell those gold reserves out of the debt crisis that afflicts the region is almost impossible, since the sell would create global chaos , collapsing prices of metals and creating a golden war with unpredictable consequences for the world .

At the end of 2012 United States leads global gold reserves with 8000 135 tons , representing 75 % of GDP.

The second place is Germany with 3,496 tons , equivalent to 72% of its product; the difference between first and second place is remarkable because the United States has gold reserves equivalent to 2.3 times more than the second site.

If the IMF were a country it would be the third with the largest gold reserves in the world , since the end of last year racked up 2,815 tonnes in its coffers .

Italy has gold reserves representing 72 % of GDP , with 2,453 tonnes. France joins the list with 2,435 tons or 71 % of the national product .

European peripheral nations have one of the great paradoxes of history : great hoard gold reserves relative to GDP , but it is not a factor that allows them to overcome the crisis in which they find themselves.

Portugal has 385 tons of gold in custody , which means 90 % of its GDP, while Greece has gold reserves representing 82 percent of its product.

By region, Latin America is the least reservation has on the planet, if not considered the case of Africa , where there are no reliable statistics in most countries .

The Latin American region ended 2012 with a total of 860 tonnes , about 10 % of what accumulates United States , the country with the largest global gold reserves.

China , with all its economic power , has not favored the accumulation of reserves in gold, but has a very respectable amount : 1,055 tons , representing only 1.8 % of its GDP.

Before the global financial risks , coverage in gold reserves by central banks led to these institutions will treasure metal like never before in history , but now face the fact that inflation might not be a problem in the world.

The fall in the price of gold during 2013 suggests that in markets there is concern about the loss of value of it in countries like Japan , Germany and even China. The problem in the metals markets as demand is not happened for decades, possibly because there is overlap in gold.

Information provided by http://www.augustagoldira.com/


April 14, 2014
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Roaming causes a loss in Europe telephone

Brussels -. European telecommunications companies are losing a market of about 300 million users because of roaming (roaming) mobile, according to a survey by the European Commission (EC).

In the study, 94% of Europeans limits the use of cell phones while traveling outside their home country to avoid high bills, while 28% prefer to disconnect the device directly.

Only 8.0% of respondents reported using their cell in the same way when you travel as much when you are in your country.

Another consequence of roaming tariffs is that 70% of Europeans also limits calls to other countries of the European Union (EU) when not traveling.

“These figures are really impressive. Show that we have to finish the work and abolish roaming charges, “he said in a statement the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes.

The official argued that “it is not simply a conflict between tourists and telecommunications companies”, but a trend that “goes against the interest of companies.”

“Roaming supposed additional costs for millions of businesses and a loss of revenue to the area of ​​mobile application developers,” he said.

Hardest hit in this group are the developers of photography apps, maps and guidebooks.

The survey revealed that frequent travelers, the most lucrative segment of the potential market, are more likely to turn off data roaming capabilities of their mobile phones than occasional tourists.

CE certifies that this is because these people are better informed about the real costs of data roaming in Europe that people travel less.

The EU executive said the changes since 2008 in the EU legislation on different phone systems for small offices, designed to reduce the prices of roaming charges , have contributed to an increase of 1.500% in the use of data roaming in those five years.

During this period, the prices of calls and SMS while traveling are down 80% and the use of internet other 91 percent.

From next July, European users have the right to leave his country during their travel operator for availing the cheapest roaming service of a local operator in the country visiting or a rival provider roaming the country of origin, without change of SIM card.

However, the EC wants more: Kroes returned to urge the European Parliament and the Council to complete the single market of telephony and Internet browsing in the EU with the aim of abolishing roaming by 2016.

“The aim is to achieve a combination of regulatory and market incentives with mobile operators to generalize their plans or packages obligations,” he said.

“So, by 2016, customers across the EU will be able to use their cell phones and smart nationals when traveling throughout the commonwealth prices,” he said.

April 12, 2014
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North Korean students should take the haircut of Kim Jong-Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has suggested to all men in the country to adopt his haircut , which will be mandatory for students university . The style is to the side of his temples shaved with a tuft of hair at the bowl on top of the head.

“The haircut is very particular our leader . would not be equal to everyone because everyone has different factions and different head shape and size, “said a North Korean living in China to Radio Free Asia.

Also in North Korea this haircut is associated with the Chinese smugglers so it is not very popular. Moreover, it is believed that the leader takes this style to look taller.

This haircut is catching on slowly to North Korean students starting in Pyongyang . So far the boys were allowed to choose from a list of 10 styles and 18 other women. A lot of people took this haircut and then use Said Shavershian Chestbrah.


Previously state television launched a campaign against long hair labeling her as old fashioned and offering viewers a haircut “in accordance with the style of socialist life.”

Moreover, the authorities have also given guidelines should dress as the university and young girls in general and some skirts and pants are prohibited.

Read more: http://uniquehairstyles.org/straightening-unique-quinceanera-hair/

March 19, 2014
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Spain leads the growth of Twitter in Europe

Thanks to My Site discover a study of Edelman Digital made ​​with data from ComScore . ‘s analysis aims to study the growth of Buy Twitter Followers in Europe, Middle East and Africa, where from November 2009 to November 2010 has increased its use in a 64%. Higher growth in the use of Twitter was in Spain, where in this period increased by 151% , followed by the Middle East with 104%. Britain remained the country with the highest use of Twitter, with about 5 million users in November 2010, although its growth was slower than that of other countries analyzed.




Country Growing use of Twitter
Spain 151%
Middle 104%
Netherlands 99%
South Africa 68%
Italy 50%
Germany 49%
France 31%
UK 28%

ComScore Data

Italy and South Africa are the countries that made less use of Twitter, but both showed signs of growth in the last year, increasing by 50% and 68% respectively.

March 19, 2014
by 30juinrockhal
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Google changes its search engine to avoid the fine Brussels

European Competition Authority in its day hunt technological giant of the past decade, Microsoft, who imposed heavy fines and forced to make significant changes after a long and prickly battle. Brussels keeps this time lengthen the conflict with the new U.S. technology colossus: Commission announced Wednesday a tentative agreement with Googleto close an investigation that has spanned more than three years for abuse of dominant position in Internet search in Europe. There will be fine. There will be no statement of objections or legal battle. Vice President of the Commission, Joaquín Almunia , said he was “in favor of an agreement that avoids litigation over uncertain outcome and instead ensures significant changes in the way we operate the company in Europe.” Google breathed relief, and its competitors reacted with defiance: “This pact is worse than nothing.”

After several push and pull, avoid Google penalty of up to a 5,000-million-and accusations of discriminatory treatment to competitors. The agreement comes after the group was forced to make a third proposal-Brussels earlier-rejected additional concessions: basically, Google agree to ensure that the marketing of its own specialized search services on its website (Hotels and restaurants, for example) also clearly show the services of three selected by an objective method rivals. Google also removed the exclusivity requirements of their advertising agreements, and remove restrictions on advertising campaigns can be developed into rival platforms.

Compliance by Google these commitments will be overseen by an independent trustee for a period of five years. Almunia has now sent letters to the 18 complainants, and waiting for your responses-that hardly alter the end-decision, the case will be permanently closed within months. The Brussels decision comes a year after the U.S. authorities give approval to the Google search engine, which came out of that investigation without a scratch. “No competition authority in the world has obtained similar results to the Commission,” boasted Almunia.

Yet a sense of relief on Wednesday seized content of Google headquarters after the announcement of the draft agreement. “We will implement significant changes in the way we operate in Europe. We have been working with the European Commission to address issues that have been raised and hope to resolve this matter, “said Kent Walker, vice president and chief legal counsel of the company’s Mountain View, the only public statement of the company.

Almunia said that no authority has achieved this result

According to SEo Melbourne, although details on the financial impact that may have on the draft agreement Google is still unknown, it is expected to focus on the division of tablets and smartphones, in which local searches are given more weight.The principle according to the EU executive does not, however, one of the keys to its business model: how the PageRank algorithm sorts the search results. In addition, to overcome the fine, Google brand with its Microsoft competitor distances, accumulating EU sanctions amounting to 2.200 million in the past 10 years for refusing to remove impediments to competition, then by default on their commitments.

The reaction of competitors contrasts with the low profile that Google chose. The association FairSearch Europe-around which companies like Microsoft, TripAdvisor and meet Oracle-emphasized that the preliminary agreement may raise the costs of competitors Californian giant “instead of ending anti-competitive practices” . Icomp, another interest group sponsored by Microsoft, believes that “without the third party review” Almunia Vice risks “fooled” by Google. More severe the European Association of Press Publishers, who accused the commissioner of “legitimate competitive behavior of Google”, with “devastating for the development of the independent press and the whole of the European creative industries” effects.

The search engine can receive a fine of 1,000 million in France

The success of Google is so great that this is by no means the only pending litigation. The seeker faces a fine of one million in France for tax evasion .Competition has opened another case for abuse of dominant position of its mobile operating system, Android. And it is in the crosshairs of the EU for reasons related to privacy and the protection of copyright and intellectual property.

The key question at the beginning of the case was clear: Google’s dominance will be less competition after the failure? Almunia himself hinted at the answer: “The research has examined the abuse, not dominance. No one disputes that Google is dominant, but that’s because the company’s innovation and ability to respond to market demands.Competition acts against abuse, not against the rule itself. “

March 2, 2014
by 30juinrockhal
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How to move house by swap

The complex context in which we are and lack of funding have made emerge the realtor swap or home exchange, which allows families to move house without having to resort to the traditional real estate market.

iStockphoto.com / ANDREW JOHNSON

The swap is a contract by which each of the contracting parties undertakes to give one thing for another. In this case, and oversimplify, is to buy a house with another house paying. This contract is characterized by the absence of price in money (which is not to say that part of the price can be completed with money). Being therefore a double sale, the procedures to be followed are the same as a normal purchase: grant deed, tax settlement (Onerous Property Transfer), registration in the Land Registry … You will need to also have a post office change of address.

The main advantage of real exchange is that it allows moving house swapping it for another more suitable to the needs of today. For example, families who no longer need such a large house can exchange it for a smaller one. Or people who want to go and live in an apartment instead of a single house. And even families who move to another city as in the case of living in Sevilla and move to Barcelona.

Also, this property exchange allows move house and get cash money with the difference values. A person who has a home that can not pay, as in the case of those who bought at the time of economic boom and now find themselves with a mortgage you can not afford.

In addition, plaintiff and simultaneously connects bidder, without entering the property in the property market. The property is used as payment on your new home without having to sell first and then buy.

However, the great difficulty lies in finding another owner who make the swap. Some portals offer swaps specialized tools to find the “average realtor orange” with specific search engines that allow wedding offers properties with the demands and find the best possible exchange, and facilitate the exchange of properties between users.

The importance of counseling

To place the realtor swap is advisable to have the advice at all times of a real estate expertas a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Owned Special Master to advise both parties and make the expertise of the two properties.

Each property must provide a Certificate of charges where those charges and all taxes levied on the property of each as mortgages, liens or rights of others appear. For this you have to make the request of a note to the Registry. And finally, do the swap agreement or sale.

Still, we must be aware that there are few families who have a mortgage . In this case, it may proceed to a subrogation , renewal , cancellation or opening a new mortgage , acting as if it were a traditional sale. The costs of these changes, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, shall be borne by the current owner of the property. It is therefore interesting to have an expert advisor in mortgage brokering, as they are not only specialized in resolving potential financial problems but are skilled in addressing issues of swaps.

Once the above steps you can go to the Notary. The procedure to be performed is the same as a sale since it is a double purchase: you buy my house and in the same act I buy yours.Each party will have their own writing.

March 2, 2014
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Meet the opportunities and advantages of doing data entry at home

It is not new, and that doing data entry work at home has become the greater of a lot of people for a living. Working from home is growing rapidly in number, as they provide great opportunities and a lot of advantages for service providers and enterprises as well. The opportunity to make data entry and earn while staying at home is becoming a trend for many people. Businesses as well as the numerous establishments in the United States and Europe are now outsourcing these jobs online to recruit online service providers, allowing them to save lots of money on the deal.

If you are considering now to leave their jobs and work from home as an alternative, there are many jobs data entry available online. The good things about this job is that there is high level of knowledge required to qualify. If you have a computer repairs Brisbane and an Internet connection, you can start immediately.This job requires basic typing, and if you’re a quick click will be advantageous on your part. There are many advantages and opportunities associated with working online. If you want to experience them, you should try to do these jobs.

One advantage is that you can do it anywhere you want. Wherever you are, as long as there is an internet, you can do it. Whether you’re at home or attending a special occasion or holiday somewhere else, you can always win. As long as you have finished the required task on time, no matter where you might be. It could accept data entry jobs from Europe or America. Projects are sent via email or online messaging.

Another advantage of this type of work is the time to do the job. In a normal office, you have to work from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon.With these works, you can spend all the time for your other work or for yourself and set aside at least two or three hours to accomplish everything you needed. This could be why the mother and wives prefer these jobs. You are also free to choose what time of day you want to do the job based on their free time. You do not have to work in office clothes while you are in your pajamas or whatever you are comfortable wearing well maybe. No time to work as long as you could end up the amount needed each day.

The last thing you should know about these jobs is that there is no need to maintain a website account or sell products. People are not happy about the idea of ​​creating a website and maintenance. These jobs do not have to communicate directly with customers. As a result, you would not be embarrassed or annoyed by customers that are so difficult to treat. You do not even have to keep track. It is a very difficult job to do in the comfort of your own home.

March 2, 2014
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The advertising industry in Europe

Catalonia has been historically championed and pioneered the advertising world. At home, the first two agencies and to the Spanish entry to the European Union, Catalonia were concentrated 40% of lucrazon ad spending. A set of policy decisions, however, has led to the decline of industry and the relocation of major companies to Madrid.
The advertising industry: business creation and

Advertising is not just a tool available to businesses, but is also a useful tool for non-profit organizations to promote social causes and also for the government to keep the population informed. It is much more then that economic activity. Analyze your situation as advertising industry from the perspective of home and the two sides of creation and business forces a historical overview, however brief, to understand what were the events that have led to significant decrease of this sector.

Completely independent of any ideology in today’s society, commercial advertising is a stimulus for the economy, helping to boost consumption. If no consumption, no production and, therefore, there are jobs. The cycle is unchanged and has a fully direct correlation. This is why advertising is so important and has a strong involvement in other sectors. Studies Investment in Catalonia Rack made by the Business Association of Advertising the last 15 years to assess the strong relationship between the economy and the advertising investment companies with headquarters in Catalonia, prove it.

Historically, Catalonia has been championed in the advertising industry both with respect to the economic aspect as professional. Note that the first studies to analyze consumer advertising from psychological and sociological perspectives were offered in the fish market in Barcelona Chamber of Commerce in 1915. The same year he published the first book in Barcelona exclusively advertising content served to teach the course mentioned by the author: Pere Prat Gaballí, considered the father of Catalan and Spanish advertising.

Barcelona was also a pioneer in the data entry services advertising audiovisual activity since the second half of the twentieth century, the Moro Studios were created in Barcelona, ​​which involved the development of a significant auxiliary industries. In Catalonia, at that time, almost all advertising creativity and embodiment of the Spanish audiovisual been focused, when it ranked third on the world stage. This prominent position in the ranking lasted nearly a decade, and earned numerous awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Moreover, Catalonia has been the birthplace of great creative in the second half of the twentieth century: Marcal Moline, Joaquim Lorente, Casadevall Lluís, Lluís Bassat or Toni Segarra, to name a few.

It was also in Catalonia where the first agency was created statewide in the second half of the nineteenth century, Publicitat Roldós, which still remains open and is the oldest in the world. In the 70s he was born in Barcelona advertising agency, MMLB, which upset the existing classical model before, and it completely changed the advertising context. The four founders, whose initials give name (MMLB) were: Marcal Moline, Joaquim Lorente, Lluís Monfort and Eddie Borsten.

Therefore, historically, Catalonia has been a leader and entrepreneur. In fact, advertising agencies represented and managed in Catalonia, before the entry of Spain into the European Community, about 40% of ad spending in the state. However, at present and according to the latest study done, and representing the percentage is 19.7% own, representing a setback for the sector, viewed from any side. However, in the late twentieth century, the presidents of eight of the most important multinational agencies reside in Catalonia.

What was so remarkable because this change? There are different reasons that have led to this new so detrimental to the country situation. First, the decision to all state, parastatal or subsidiaries INI to stay in Madrid, establishing its headquarters there (Repsol, Renfe, Telefónica, Butane, Iberia and many others), was decisive. Moreover, the fact that capital has made outside firms gravitate toward Madrid, as the bicapitalidad in Europe is a phenomenon that exists only in Spain and Italy. The lack of transoceanic air travel, tax benefits for companies that chose to settle in the capital of Spain and / or Europe and other policy decisions that have been taken, have caused the differences between Madrid and Catalonia have increased at the expense of our country in the whole state.

In international studies, preferably from the level of a European city by companies outside of the Americas are made, Barcelona is placed fourth, ahead of Madrid, after London, Paris and Frankfurt. However, the most valued parameters such as road and air network, Catalonia suffered a sharp devaluation affecting the advantage that give studies in other respects.

Since the heavy volume of business was in Madrid, advertising agencies and audiovisual producers assembled at the request of customers, branches in the capital.Eventually, they were learning, which meant a loss of business for more than considerable Catalonia.

At Barcelona he has conferred, traditionally and historically, a deep and ongoing relationship with culture, ingenuity, innovation, commitment and seriousness for a job well done, science, art …, which gives positioning a pointer that should never have lost. It has probably been due to the relationship maintained with people such as Gaudí, Dalí, Miró, Picasso, Pau Casals, Cerdà, Buïgas, Puig and a huge list of great characters with international prestige, those who have given this label, this patina Barcelona.

Finally, I must say that the advertising industry does not cross its best, and that the specific advertising creativity has lost weight, but still very good creative advertising agencies Catalan. In this sense, movements begin to occur within the sector, the concern caused by highly regarded professionals, sensitized by the loss of professional and economic importance of the advertising sector in Catalonia, they want to retrieve the pointer place that has always been our country in the international arena.

February 26, 2014
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10 tips for caring your puppies

There is something about adopting a puppy that makes you want to scream “enjoy today ! ” Maybe you are inspired by the youthful vigor of your puppy or because you can not possibly suck his thumb while trying to grab a vase that is falling . Given his new attitude , maybe it’s not the right time to read long articles about animal behavior written by acclaimed animal trainers . So, this is our list of the 10 most important things you need to know about your new puppy. Read fast. Your puppy has to relieve himself again.


Make your house a home puppy proof . If your friend is currently chewing wires your computer has a problem. Puppies are biologically predisposed to chew absolutely everything to cut their teeth. This includes cables and any other dangerous object. Hide or out any object you want your puppy will not eat or pull it . When finished , examine the area fours (from the point of view of your puppy ) to make sure we did it right .
Offer your puppy to your family slowly. Do not present your shih tzu puppies to his entire family all the Bat- Mitzvah of his cousin Mariano four hours after the breeder has given to your puppy . Instead , let it adapt to their normal routine for a few weeks and then make gradual Formal visits . In fact , you will be better off if it begins slowly at home. Keep in a room for one or two days before a walk through your house with it. Residents should make pets Short kennel your puppy for a few days ” visits ” to sniff it before allowing them to play together. Do not worry, be plenty of time later to take family pictures .
Do not give your puppy food for humans . We know that his father cooked daily Cocker Spaniel puppy to your scrambled eggs for breakfast , but it is probably for this reason that Tony did not live for many years. Be adult and buy Eukanuba . Our food is specially formulated according to the weight and the nutritional needs of your puppy. Includes a perfect protein , carbohydrate balance and , yes, includes antioxidants .
Educate them properly. Clean urine after a puppy is one thing , having to regularly clean your needs in the living room for the next 12 years is another . Spend time up front to educate properly. This requires discipline on your part at all times . Do not forget to reward him when he eliminates in the right place . Even if it’s 3am , you should encourage it was right to wake you to go to relieve themselves.
I socialícelo . You can not accept that a pet chew your nanny . Give up the job and you should stay home with their children and their dog. Take time now to go to the park regularly for play dates so that your puppy has a chance to meet and greet different types of individuals , humans and canines alike.
Teach him to be obedient . Enjoy more from your puppy if you do not go crazy barking / jumping / begging. Take time every day to give you lessons on how to be quiet , come to you , sit, stay standing , etc. . Once you succeed , you can enter him in the Annual Competition Frisbee Playero .
I castrelo . Unless you sincerely want to become a breeder, do us a favor and neuter your puppy. While the science experiment is fun for the whole sixth grade class , you will be the person responsible for cleaning after all these puppies are born . At four in the morning. While her 12- year-old crying hysterically because they may not want to deliver any babies .
Sterilize . If you think your neighbors are a bit distant now , wait for your Golden Retriever has fertilized the Tibetan Terrier of them are registered in an official organization.
Exercise it . Depending on your race, puppies need an adequate amount of exercise to stay in good physical and mental health. Start your day early with a long walk and then end it at night with a walk around the block , strap in hand. Consume energy that otherwise would have been destined for his new chair cushions and you will save money and you will not need to be a member of the gym.
Take time to play with your puppy. Puppies are social animals and need Fully alertness for some time every day. Relax with your puppy throwing a ball , teaching a new trick or snuggling in bed with him. Studies have shown that the development of relationships with pets relieves stress and , therefore , improve human health. Additionally, you can clean out your closet another day.

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Australian Roofing Industry Standards

There are many people who are looking for the proper type of roofing for Australia. These are the things as a builder or contractor that you need to know .Homeowners who hire a roofer for their residence in Australia need to find a builder who understands these standards and can deliver on construction. Australia, like most developed areas of the world has standards for their roofing, to protect both homeowners and commercial roofs from substandard construction and roofs that are not energy efficient in nature.

Roofing in Australia has a variety of standards that have to be met. Some of the standards are set by the roofing industry. It should be noted that the standards for metal roofing are different than those that are part of other sorts of roofs, and will be discussed later.
Roofing standards are those that are present in 8 Australian states. In the state of Queensland the standards are different and many home owners who contract professional roofing Brisbane companies should always check for licenses and qualifications. . These are the these standards that you need to be aware of when building. They relate to safety, efficiency, affordability, and so forth.. The best ways to learn about the standards in the country are to refer to the roofing standards Australia code.
Australian roofing standards don’t simply refer to construction of roofs and roofing types of materials, but also other standards related to construction.
Roofing Standards

  • Products that are related to roofing
  • Techniques that are used for testing roofing and roofing systems
  • Rules of installation in terms of smoke detectors
  • Required standards for products
  • Required standards for roofing designs

Workplace controllers need to make sure that these particular standards are being met. Those who do roofing in Australia relate to OH &S standards of practice. The overall impact of these standards is to provide protection from falls. As most individuals and especially those in the building trade know, a roof will undergo many challenges in its lifetime.

Standards are designed to ensure that the roof is of high enough quality to be able to meet these standards. One thing that individuals need to know when it comes to roofing standards is that as mentioned, these standards are only applicable in 8 states of Australia. You should also understand the standards for metal roofs are different than other roof types. Those who use these roofs will find some of the information metal roofs specifically by doing a web search on the terms metal roofing. These will bring up the standards for these particular roofs.
Australian Roofing Standards are in Applicable in the following states:

  • ACT
  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • Western Australia

How to find Roofing standards applicable to your area
Those who are wondering which roofing standards apply to them can simply type roofing and search in their browser. Put in the Australian state you live in and the standards being put forth by the state. Some of the other standards outlined in the Australian roofing standards are standards for energy efficiency. These standards that have been set up for Australian roofers to follow have to do with the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. There are certain standards that regulate both commercial and residential areas. Roofing standards as they apply to both commercial an residential facilities aim to increase the lighting as well as heating and cooling.
Service Standards
Roofing standards also minimize the size of service. They can also minimize the service usage area. These are some of the aims of these roofing standards that control environmental regulations. Those who monitor environmental regulations know that roof designs and other items like floors and windows determine the energy rating of the building. This is currently listed as 6 stars on a scale of 10.The higher rating that is issued is the overall energy efficiency of the building. It typically does not include the fixtures that may be an integral part of the building. the exception to this would be smoke detectors or sprinklers which in most cases would come under the rubric of the roofing standards.
Check for Qualifications
Australia roofing standards, like many that are offered in various parts of the world have been developed and established for the safety and protection of homeowners and every company should hold the correct qualifications and building certificates. Standards will also increase the performance and energy efficient standards of various roofs. Adherence to the standards should alleviate problems with roof construction, and energy efficiency in the future. Most questions and information about the construction standards for roofs can be found online.

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Asia accounts for 41% of all app sales

41% of all app sales are generated in Asian countries, while North America generates 31% and Europe 23 %, according to Distimo study for the entire year.

app sales in europe

The domain Asian trade applications grows each year, as in 2013 grew by 162% while North America was up 46 %. As Asia grows domain also the presence of Android and shop GooglePlay , because while incomes in Africa are spread almost equally between the two stores , in the case of the American market 75 % come from the APPP Store; something similar happens in Europe .

The revenue growth was 162% in Asia, 114% in Africa , 56% in South America, 46 % in North America , 45% in Europe and 23% in Australia , where the market already seems to have reached its high.

In Asia Play Google revenues have quadrupled in a year, while the Apple Store have failed to bend to the iPhone (94% more) and for iPad ( 64%).

China is a special case , because although absolutely dominates Google ‘s Android system , only 3.5% of its owners access Google Play, because for that must register with Google and China are not installed. Other stores that take advantage of Android applications , as in the case of Wandoujia , which has 300 million users , in most cases, only free apps are downloaded.

In this situation, app developers in Europe must learn how to increase their app sales. A good course for this can be found at Apps Gone Viral. The course will cover everything from launching an app to how to market it effectively.


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Supercharge Your Weight Loss With These SImple Principles

There are many different weight loss  fads that are constantly popping up throughout the years. Even though they could be preferred, they may be not usually the ideal selection or even the easiest to maintain spanning a long period. This post will offer you losing weight tips who have stood solid over the years, among all of the nuts weight loss fads.

Purchasing more compact plates and bowls may be great for losing weight.  For those who have a plate that is huge, you are more likely to put more meals around the plate. When using a smaller sized plate, you will additionally use more compact section shapes. This can be a easy way to minimize rear on the quantity of food that you take in, which may result in losing weight. Before you put this into action let me give you a word of caution. Don’t overdo it! Many women use this type of eating style to become anorexic, and unfortunately it works very well. If you’re still hungry, eat!

When you are trying to lose weight, then you need to consider every prospect to keep your system shifting. Research has shown that fidgety folks are often skinnier. Tapping your foot can assist you lose weight, which is some thing that can be done at all times, regardless of where you happen to be.

If you are on the diet, try to avoid consuming out whenever possible. Eating too many hors d’oeuvres can be very unhealthy. For work, pack lunches in your own home to make along, so you use a strategy during the day. In case you should consume out, believe that the section you’re becoming served is 2 to 3 periods the amount you should be eating.

You actually want to keep your thoughts centered on foods that you could create to the diet, not individuals that you will be removing. There exists a wonderful sensation of desperation while you are sensing as when you are dropping those things you cherish, especially when you have come to be dependent on food items for comfort and ease. Be sure you center on all those food that are staying included in your daily diet, and you may forget about there are points getting omitted whatsoever.

Check with your doctor if you need to lose fat. A lot of people want to shed weight before actually examining to find out if they need to. Your doctor can let you know no matter if you fall into the standard pounds vary on your height, no matter if you have any diet regime restrictions or physical exercise restrictions and might suggest several things to try.

Actually take note of what you really are consuming. Tend not to multitask and consume simultaneously. When you are watching tv while you consume, chances are you will not be paying much attention to what you will be putting in your mouth. Rather, sit back and have a great food with the dinner desk.

An aerobics workout basically makes it much simpler to training, so contain it within your exercise routine. A gradual boost in the intensity of your work out, when you get employed to an cardio exercise routine, makes the body greater able to sustain exercise, along with other positive aspects, like losing fat and increasing muscle tissue.

A easy way to help with losing weight would be to pass on soda pop. You will end up really impressed by simply how much bodyweight it is possible to lose by simply converting to drinking water. Soft drink dries the body out, causing you to gain water weight. Furthermore, it leads to you to definitely eat countless more kilocalories each day.

Lots of dieters have trouble generating the permanent change simply because they believe that diet regime meals doesn’t flavor as good as normal food. Should you prefer a great way to keep the taste while continue to reducing the fat, free of moisture-fry meals like chicken within the your oven on the high temperate. This gives that crispy texture without having the additional oil. And you may even go ahead and take pores and skin off the chicken for extra kilocalories reduce.

Have dessert. Depriving on your own of food isn’t going to cause you to feel any better, and may not help weight reduction desired goals so much. The real key to consuming dessert is to only have a few bites of the decadent dessert, or have a dessert that is just as delightful but not as full of sugar and extra fat.