10 ways to make yourself feel better

1. One way to recognize your feelings is to first understand where they come from. We go through things every day. They are challenges, obstacles and daily problems. Only you will know what you think when I ask the question: where do your feelings come from? This is not rhetorical. If you can answer this question, you must start observing from an outside point of view. Look at the feeling. Allow yourself to feel the feeling. Now question the feeling. Think of the most loving way to overcome the bad feeling and turn it into a positive feeling, like it sometimes says in your chinese horoscope.

2. Anger is a problem that I have had to overlap in the past. This is something that I think many people struggle with. Sometimes you say something that you really wouldn’t have said if you had a calm mind. A trick I have learned over the years is to breathe a few times before I answer that I come in handy when cooking. Yes, you see, you first recognize the feeling. Then you respond. This is the best way I have found so far. Take some breaths and count back from 5 and then respond. Speak your mind but use calming tones. The calmer you are, the calmer you can make the situation, whatever that may be.

3. Depression is another fight I had in the past. For that I needed high doses of daily chemical luck. Just by using my mind, I was able to overcome and I no longer need chemical happiness. This could mean that it was only part of my mind, but the doctors thought it was chemically related, hence the treatment. Now that I have not had any treatment for years, I can look back and see things from behind. I am surprised that it took me so long to realize how I could bring happy feelings into my life and concentrate on the positive. Part of it is exercise that helps. The other part was literally forcing myself to see the positive in everything. After a while it just became a habit.

4. Developing new habits to make you feel better is another part of life that works well. As we grow, we develop habits. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad, of course. When developing new habits, you replace old habits. Instead of grabbing that steak, grab a salad. Soon it becomes natural. Every part of our life is based on our daily habits. Don’t you like something? Change it by implementing new habits in your life.

5. Nature is a wonderful tool to make you feel better. Even bad weather can be nice if viewed from the right perspective. We have this opportunity to live in a beautiful world. It offers so much in the form of sight and the other senses. Take a walk. Walk in nature for a few miles or hours. When you return to your “real” life, you will have a new perspective on everything around you.

6. Fire pits are another way to make yourself feel better. Stare into the flames. Imagine that you put all your negative and bad feelings in the flame, so that you do not pass on those bad feelings to others. We recognize how we grow when we have feelings for something or someone who is negative, those people feel it even though you sometimes don’t realize it. There is an insane number of things that we do not yet understand about the energy that we produce, but we are sure it is there.

7. Decide that you enter all situations with a positive and optimistic attitude. This tool alone has made my life a wonderful place to live. For my “job” I should say something that I just enjoy doing for everyday life, I meet many different people. One of the things about being a writer is that I love to observe and watch people. When people are positive and cheerful, you can tell they have a great time with this thing that we call life. They simply give a great feeling and in response other people treat them well.

8. Find something artistic to work on. Think of something that you enjoy doing, or you would like to do. Start this day every day. Writing has a calming effect on my heart and soul. I also like sports, reading my horoscope and playing instruments of my choice, drawing with my daughter and coming up with new ideas. Think carefully about what you like to do and follow those feelings. Our passions and art not only help us but everyone around us, because we have entered our minds and have drawn our true minds. We are creators in our hearts because we are great spiritual animals that have this human experience.

9. Listen to different types of music. This is one of those tricks I learned some time ago. You can use music to completely change your attitude. When we watch shows or movies, it is the music and soundtracks that make them what they are. Go to YouTube and watch some videos where they took those soundtracks and see what happens to your feelings. Now watch different types of music, but pay attention to what you feel when listening to those types of music. When you start moving in a negative direction, throw in some music that brings you back to the positive.

10. Meditation is my last advice to make yourself feel better. In the beginning you may start to feel worse, but when you start doing it daily, your mind starts to clear. You can start thinking and releasing those pent-up feelings. Our brains are capable of amazing things, let alone the quantum side of our beings. We are getting closer to realizing the energies that make up mankind and those energies can be used to make you feel extraordinary in this great time of humanity. Begin by exploring your inner being to find the light that will make your life complete. We all have a purpose and we are all amazing animals. Use that to your advantage to make yourself feel better.

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