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ANPR 101: Things you should know

ANPR 101: Things you should know

Automatic number plate recognition, or ANPR, is a tech system that scans number plate information and collects that data. Of course, not everyone has this system or could even get it. It’s mostly used by law enforcement who needs this information to do their jobs more efficiently, however, businesses can also use it for business site management. It uses optical character recognition to be able to distinguish the information on the number plates on vehicles.

Its uses

When businesses use ANPR it is mainly for managing their parking spaces as well as maintaining security. When ANPR is used by law enforcement it’s for things such as finding vehicles that have been reported as missing or stolen, apprehending criminals that are wanted, and a lot more. The ANPR system is quite flexible, which means it can be used for various different objectives in many different locations such as in both rural and urban areas. 

Way it works

There are a few parts that make up the automatic number plate recognition system. Firstly, there is the camera, which of course is what is responsible for taking the images to scan the information. Then there is the optical character recognition software system, this element is responsible for analyzing the images captured by the cameras and extracting the registration data of the number plates. Then finally there is the database, where all of the information is saved to be either used at once or to be used at a later date. All of the parts mentioned have total control of their jobs and together make up the reliable tech system that is the ANPR.

The benefits

It’s no surprise that this system has its fair share of benefits, if it didn’t it is doubtful law enforcement would put its trust in it.  Some of these benefits include: 

  • It is a much more sophisticated and reliable security system

  • It is quite flexible and therefore versatile for different occasions and organizations

  • The traffic will run a lot smoother than before

  • Human error will be greatly reduced

The potential the automatic number plate recognition system has is quite amazing. Whenever this system is managed and utilized in a proper and conscious way, all of the benefits will be reaped.