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Have you tried these typical Dutch Beers already?

Have you tried these typical Dutch Beers already?

The Dutch culture is a real beer culture. Especially on the flat land and in the villages, a lot of beer is drunk and when alcohol can be consumed, beer is the drink of choice for young and old. Beer is often cheaper in the Netherlands than other options at parties and festivals, and on top of that, the beer in the Netherlands is also really tasty. Therefore, it is absolutely no punishment to choose beer. Besides the ‘standard’ beers, Holland also has a rich collection of special beers. If you are a real beer fan, the Netherlands is the place to be. In this blog article we name a few of our own favorites. 


Hertog Jan: Everyone loves it 

With a lot of beers, there are some people who love the beer and some people who hate it. This is not the case with Hertog Jan. Actually, everyone likes Hertog Jan and if you do not like it, you probably do not like beer at all. Hertog Jan is also one of the few beer brewers who still brew their beer completely in the traditional way. The water is pure and naturally filtered, and the yeast and hops that are used have gone through a very strict selection. This makes the incredibly rich and full taste and beautiful golden color possible. Besides their normal pilsner, Hertog Jan also brews many special beers that are absolutely worth trying. You could organise a real Hertog Jan tasting session. 


Brewery t’IJ: The popular newcomer

One of the best-known breweries in the Netherlands, which, apart from its fellow brewers, has not been around that long, is Brouwerij t’IJ. This brewery was founded by the musician Kasper Peterson who came to Belgium with his tour. In Belgium, the musician came across all kinds of different speciality beers and he thought that he should be able to do the same in the Netherlands. Intrigued and inspired by his own tour, he began experimenting and started his own brewery in 1985. Today, brewery t’IJ is one of the best-known Beers from Holland and is mainly consumed by the younger public (over 18, of course). With hip branding and funny names, the beer is not only great tasting, but also special. The labels on the bottles are fun and have a different vibe than the more traditional beers from the Netherlands. 


Curious about Dutch Beers?

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