Hot Air balloon flight in Belgium

Flying with a hot air balloon is relaxing, educational and fascinating. The freedom that you experience high in the sky it’s fantastic. C-Air hot air balloon flights Belgium make your dream come true. While the warm air float the balloon further, you can enjoy the beautiful view.

A balloon flight is the perfect gift

The experienced pilot of the company will teach you a lot and tell you a lot about the environment. Ballooning is not at all risky and the pilot of C-AIR Ballooning knows the tricks of the trade. David Spildooren has been Belgian champion and can therefore handle a balloon very well.

It starts with the filling of the balloon with cold air. This is done by 2 inflation fans. Afterwards the cold air will be heated by one of the burners. The pilot lets you help. Then you fly for hours in the region that you have chosen yourself. We have different take off locations: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges. You can take off anywhere in the country for a balloon flight.

The location point of C-AIR Balloon in the flanders, but if you want to book a ride in the Ardennes, that is perfectly possible. If you choose Antwerp, you will also be able to enjoy a solid part of the port of Antwerp and that is quite fascinating.

Balloon ride as an ideal excursion

By the way, did you know that it is best to turn a balloon flight into a day trip? From departure to end you are already quickly about 5 hours busy. Afterwards there is a snack and a drink, so that you can talk firmly. You can experience hot air ballooning together with friends. Maybe an idea for the next bachelors? It is something different than walking from pub to pub.

Book your balloon flight above Brussels.

Do you want to book your hot air balloon flight above Brussels? It’s possible with C-Air. Pumping adrenaline and pure relaxation at the same time. This is called ballooning.

It’s just like a virus that you will never let go. Before you do it, you are already looking forward to your next balloon ride. That is no problem at all, because you can discover a lot of trips on the C-AIR Balloon Rides website. If you want, you traverse the entire country in a hot air balloon.

On our website you can see the different balloon flights. Do you want to discover what you see during the flight don’t hesitate and book it.