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How to stop fast fashion

Sustainability is a topic that is increasingly discussed and that is very good! It is important to take responsibility for the damage we cause to the world and the environment. A part of this sustainability is the fashion industry. A term that you hear a lot lately is “fast fashion”. Simply put, this means that you buy a lot of cheap clothes. Nowadays, with the arrival of web shops, it is not very difficult find clothes for the lowest prices. But more clothes for less money is not always better. Fast fashion also means that it is common nowadays to purchase a new wardrobe every season and to throw away old clothing that may have barely been worn.

As you can see, this is something we do not want. That’s why more and more attention is being paid to stopping “fast fashion”. Below you will find a number of tips to help you shop more sustainably.

The first tip is to not throw any clothing away. The first way to do that is to try to renew your clothes so that it feels like new again. For example, you can paint your shoes with shoe dye or leather paint to give them a totally different look. Something else you can do is give your clothes away. This can be to friends, family members, a second-hand store or charities. That way, your clothes never have to disappear in the trash, because then nobody can use them anymore.

You can also make wise choices when buying clothes. Buy items that you can use for a long time, which are of good quality. Make sure that you buy items of clothing that you can wear more often than just for one occasion, and that you can combine them with other items that you already have.