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Indulge in the True Essence of Turkish Coffee

Coffee lovers are spread across the globe. This also means that coffee is influenced by the different cultures and, in turn, has also influenced the culture of coffee itself. One of the best examples of this scenario is Turkish coffee.

If you have never tasted Turkish coffee, then you are seriously missing out on a great culinary experience. On the other hand, if you have never even heard about this delightful beverage, then we can provide you with a lot of knowledge in this post that will convince you to try it.

A Brief History of Turkish Coffee

We may have advanced to espresso capsules and modern coffee making machines but many might not know this but the method used for Turkish coffee is the oldest method of brewing coffee. The Turks even used a special coffee pit to mix the coffee grounds with water. It has been practiced since the 15th century.

The Turks have been responsible for major coffee events. Two of them include the day global method of trading coffee has changed and the expansion of the coffee cultivation around the world.

Once the Turkish people were introduced to the marvelous coffee beans, the palace of the Sultan took upon themselves to make new discoveries. It was the cooking staff in the palace that decided to find a new way of brewing the black drink.

Their first step was to ground the coffee beans in mortars. Later, the grounds were mixed with water in the special coffee pot. To this day, this post is known as the cezve.

It was only a matter of time that this drink made its way around the palace and then to the wider public of Turkey.

Making Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee has become so popular over the years that it has become a profession for many. You will not only find Turkish coffee shops only in turkey but all over the world. people who really love their coffee know how truly delicious a cup of Turkish coffee can be so they will look for it anywhere if they can find it.

The real problem is that not everybody is offering the authentic recipe. For Turkish people, the method of making their local coffee has not changed at all and they believe that the true essence can only be enjoyed if the real recipe is used. If you ask coffee enthusiasts, they will tell you the same.

The essence of true Turkish coffee does not only come from the preparation method. It has also to do with the using the right utensils, for example, the cezve can’t be ignored when indulging in making real Turkish coffee.  Utensils also include the Turkish coffee grinder known as kahve degirmeni and coffee cups called fincan.

The Turks also serve the coffee in a unique way, which is part of the real experience. For example, no spills and coupled with a glass of cold water and Turkish delight.

Even if you have a luxury palate for espresso capsules, the Turkish coffee will impress you. until you find the real cup, you can indulge in quality espresso capsules.