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Solids Solutions for product development

Do you need advice on developing an industrial product? Then you can count on the scientific knowledge of Solids Solutions. In our laboratory in delft, we have been researching powders and particles, which often form the basis of products in industry, for many years. We use various advanced techniques and methods to investigate the properties of particles. For example, there are various ways of determining the size of particles.

Size determination by sedimentation

One way of determining the size of particles is sedimentation. This is also called the pipette method. In case of sedimentation nanoparticles are added to a specific liquid, so that the sedimentation rate can be calculated. Based on this, the size of the particles can then be determined. Because it is rather time-consuming to be present during the entire sedimentation process, we now use X-rays, so that the transmission of these rays can be determined at certain heights, with certain time intervals.

Dynamic light scattering technique

We use dynamic light scattering to determine the size of powder particles. Powder is scattered in a certain medium and illuminated with a laser beam, so that the scattering pattern can be determined. This pattern contains information about the particle size and grain size distribution.

Seminars on particle and powder technology

Solids Solutions does research and advises, but you can also contact us for seminars, courses and events in the field of powder and particle technology. In addition, we have a knowledge centre where articles and publications can be requested, so that you can read them yourself. On our website you will find the planning of upcoming seminars, presentations and events. Of course, you can also contact us if you get stuck in the development of a product, so that we can look for a suitable solution.