Underfloor heating, heaven in winter!

Underfloor heating, heaven for your feet!

Last winter I was staying with a friend in a little village close to Edinburgh in Scotland. We hadn’t spoken for years, but nothing had really changed. We drank and chatted until late in the night. One of our friends was due to get married and we were planning for the wedding. In Scotland the weather can be really harsh, with lots of rain and wind. This night however was one of the first cold nights and frost was forecast. 

Sleeping all curled up under a warm blanket is a great feast, especially when it is cold outside. If you need to get out of bed however, it is a different matter! As usual, I woke up early in the morning as I had to go to the toilet. Do you recognise the feeling that you delay getting out of bed, but that you have to go at a certain stage? Cold doesn’t help then!

Then there was heaven!

I rushed over the landing, finding my way to the bathroom, and boy oh boy was it cold! Opening the bathroom door however was a joy. A gentle warmth came to me and when I stepped on the stone floor, it was surprisingly comfortable. The underfloor heating system was on, yeah! 

I remember her telling me years ago that they had underfloor heating fitted throughout the house, but I never really paid attention to it. You don’t see it, so what was all the fuss about? 

Unsurpassed comfort levels

I have to admit that with underfloor heating the level of comfort is amazing! No cold feet to worry about, no draughts and no cold spots, just gentle warmth throughout the house. 

When I raised the subject at breakfast they also told me about the other benefits of underfloor heating:

  • design freedom, i.e. no more radiators to worry about
  • economical, the system works at much lower temperatures, so saves on energy
  • and apparently it is healthier as well, because the there is less travel of dust

The heating system was supplied and fitted by Incognito Underfloor Heating in Falkirk. The firm has been supplying Scotland and the North of England with underfloor heating and renewable energy systems for over 10 years. I recommend you check them out using the link below!