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What can a commercial interiors company do for you?

Any interior outside domestic environments is classed as a commercial interior. You can think of restaurants and the wider hospitality and entertainment industry, public buildings, government offices and general office interiors. 


Commercial Interiors


Creating a well working office environment is very seldomly an organic process. At a certain stage you really need to rethink, restructure and redesign your working environment. You may like to envisage yourself working in a brand new office, the thought of goining through the process of moving restructuring and getting it all right, may well put you off the thought! That is where a workplace consultancy comes in!


A commercial interiors company is essentially a business architect. Based on the nature of the business and the industry it is in, the designers with come up with proposals that will enable the company to reach their goals in the future.



Interior Design


 After the first conversations the interior design team will come in and will work the following stages:


    1. Design brief


    1. Reasearch


    1. Development


    1. Presentation


    1. Delivery


When agreement is reached the team will take over to provide a full design and build service, planning the space, creating a colour palette using the branding that and integrating all of the office functions into a cohesive and pleasant environment.


Office Fit Out


Think about how your business is likely to change over the next 5 years and plan for that now. Whilst your workplace needs to reflect your current business values it must be able to adapt to any future changes that might be around the corner. Furthermore The office fit out needs to take into consideration:


    • Compliance with existing and future legislation


    • Health & Safety issues with existing space


    • Environmental issues


Office Furniture



Nnew Office furniture in Glasgow is an important consideration when moving to a new office or refurbishing an existing space. From desking and seating to meeting rooms, reception areas and break out furniture. The office furniture you choose say a lot about your organisation. With more and more data being stored digitally, the amount of space required for storage is reduced tremendously the last decade. It is however very important to use the space created efficiently.