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What is Squash?

What is squash?

Squash is game that is designed to be played by 2 players in one court. This court can be used by the 2 players to make the ball reach the front wall. In theory, every wall in the court is permitted for the players to use to reach their goals on that court. The goal is for the players to make the ball bounce twice before the opponent gets to it. This can be done by a variation of different shots that will make it harder for the opponent to reach the ball before it bounces twice. Usually it takes more than one shot for a player to win the rally.

Squash is a very tough sport that is hard on the body because of all the explosive movements that are required to win each rally. Every rally demands very explosive movements for the players and the rally can take up to 2 minutes (or even longer). This makes it extremely hard on the body and you will get in shape very fast by playing this sport.

How to play squash

Squash is always played by two players that both have the same goals. This competitiveness gives it a very sharp edge and both players will do whatever it takes to win the points. Every game has 11 points and the games have to be won by 2 points difference. This makes the games even more exciting because it’s quite common for two players to be 10-10 in the last game. This makes for very exciting games (also to watch of course).

Squash has to be played by holding a squash racket that is bought from a squash webshop. The equipment is very important for a squash player because it has to be an extension of the body for the players. The game is extremely fast, when equipment can’t hold up with the quickness of the game it’s hard to match the opponent in their movement.

Why is squash the healthiest sport?

Squash is called the healthiest sport by many experts. This makes it very attractive for people that want to get in shape as soon as possible. The reason behind this call is that playing squash burns the most calories of every sport. Every half hour you burn a lot of calories what makes getting into shape a piece of cake.

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