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What to think about when renting a car in Portugal in 2020

At the top of the polls, Portugal is a multifaceted country to visit. Although stays at the beach and golf of the Algarve are always popular in summer, cities like Porto and Lisbon are popular options.

Portugal is a nation that symbolizes contrasts with many varied landscapes. The country is full of destinations that are major tourist attractions. Some of these destinations may be difficult to access by means of transport other than car rental.Then rent a car in Portugal to discover the secrets of this dynamic destination.

Rent a car to enjoy a tour in Portugal:

To visit Portugal in style, you will need a car, as it is a more convenient way to explore Portugal in an economical way.Autoportugal.co.uk is your ideal partner for cheap car rental in Portugal. Our extensive branch network includes the main holiday destinations as well as major cities such as Lisbon and Porto.

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Driving in Portugal:

Portugal is a pleasure to drive. The road network is extensive and modern, while the diversity of regions makes any journey on the road truly rewarding. Wherever you go, you will find pretty villages, welcoming cities with lively squares and a generally sunny sky.Your visit to Portugal will be better if you become familiar with some local driving laws, such as those children under 12 years of age cannot sit in the front passenger seat and that, you must have photographic identification in your car.

Speed limits vary according to road type and region, with a maximum speed of 120 km / h on highways and a minimum of 48 km / h. In built-up areas, the limit is generally 50 km / h (although some limits are lower in some city centers and residential areas). So always, check the signs indicating your itinerary.In Portugal, cars drive on the right and pass on the left. Switching to the right can result in heavy immediate fines.

There are many toll roads in Portugal. Some of them have stands where you can pay, but others will require a prepayment.Many cities have residential parking areas, so it is preferable to use garages or parking lots. You cannot park in this area at the “Estacionamento Proibido” signs, as well as at yellow or red lines.