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What You Need to Know About Golden CBD Oil

While cbd oil is becoming more and more popular and talked about, a lot of people have never even heard of golden cbd oil and it isn’t something that is talked about hardly at all online or anywhere else for that matter. So this article is to inform you of what golden CBD oil is, and why it’s something that you should know about in the first place. Hopefully it will shed some light on this topic.

In order to explain what golden CBD oil is, you need to first know that there is something called black CBD oil. Essentially, black CBD oil is CBD oil that is mostly raw. This means that it doesn’t go through much processing after the basics are complete, and this lack of processing results in a less effective oil. CBD oils that are processed and heavily filtered are referred to as golden CBD oil because of the color it turns out as. Separating the non-essential components in the oil will change the color to a clear gold. Golden CBD oil is considered to be the premium kind of CBD oil. Let’s discuss why…

How does CBD oil gold work??

Golden CBD oil is much more effective than its raw counterpart in a large part because of decarboxylation. It’s a pretty complicated process but basically the leaf is heated for a long time in order to activate all of the compounds, this results in maximum effectiveness. Another thing that makes golden CBD oil so effective is the fact that it is so much more consistent than the raw oil. With black CBD oil the concentration tends to vary bottle to bottle, which means it’s a lot harder to regulate your dosage. And without a consistent dosage you’re not going to be getting the same benefits. In addition to all of these reasons, golden CBD oil also takes advantage of the “entourage effect”. This is where all the essential compounds in the cannabisplant are used, and work together to be more effective than if one of them was being used on its own.

And finally, golden CBD is simply… easier to use. Not only in the technical sense, the more consistent dosage and being able to tell how much you’re getting, but also in the way that it’s not as unpleasant as the raw oils are. The golden color is more satisfying and reminds you of the superior quality you’re getting, and it has a much more pleasant taste and smell as well. So if you’ve had a hard time consuming black CBD oil because of its earthy and bitter taste then golden CBD oil is the option for you. And for those worrying about THC levels in their CBD oil gold, because of the intense filtering that happens during the production of golden CBD oil it contains almost no THC at all.

Effect of CBD oil
CBD oil is extracted from the cannabisplant. This has different active ingredients, which are called cannabinoids. These include THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC possesses a powerful psychoactive, high-inducing effect that leads to feelings of happiness, euphoria, and an increased heart rate. The effect of CBD, on the other hand, is calming, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant.

How does CBD work in the body?
CBD is one of 70 cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found both in plants and in the human body. CBD as a non-endogenous, exogenous cannabinoid has a controlling effect on the body’s own functions and can supplement and strengthen them.

Application and intake of CBD oil
High-quality CBD oil can be administered orally. It is important to slowly get used to the body and to be careful with the dosage. First, it is recommended to apply a drop under the tongue. From here, the substance is absorbed through the oral mucosa and the desired effect is quickly achieved. Depending on the reason for taking the dose can be increased accordingly.

The dosage for oral intake depends on which product you choose. Concentration is important. Six drops of a 5 percent extract are administered undiluted under the tongue in the morning and evening. The product is usually well tolerated. Only in very rare cases do patients report nausea, diarrhea or tiredness. When taking CBD oil in combination with medication, it is important to pay attention to interactions.

In addition to liquid CBD oil, there are also globules on the market. The beads are simply placed under the tongue, from where they are absorbed through the mucous membrane. The advantage of globules compared to liquid oil is that you can take them with you anywhere. There are also capsules to choose from. However, when taking capsules, you have to consider that the effect only develops with a time delay. The oil pressed into the capsules is only released in the stomach. Creams and ointments are also available for external use.

Buy CBD oil – the most important tips
The selection of CBD oils and other hemp products on the Internet is particularly large. However, you should not rush to order from a retailer just because they advertise an unbeatably low price. The production is complex and the production of quality products requires a lot of work and technical know-how, which also has an effect on the price.

It is important, especially with hemp products, to pay attention to excellent quality. The following features should be noted:

Organic farming
Free from pesticides
Free from additives
Breeding and production within the EUR
The manufacturer is certified
Products are regularly tested by laboratories