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WoWClasic Reveals Release Date And Requirements For Naxxramas

Blizzard has just released the new Shadowlands expansion for the most up-to-date version of World of Warcraft and it is being a resounding success. However, the developer did not forget the loyal WoW Classic players and is also preparing the arrival of new content for this antique version of this MMORPG.

The formula adopted in recent times by Blizzard is being very effective and has seen thousands of players return to WoW in the last year, regardless of whether they return in WoWShadowlands to defeat Sylvannas or if they return to WoW Classic to have a more traditional game experience.


Naxxramas initiation event arrived on 1 December 2020

Naxrammas is one of the most popular raids in the entire history of WoW Classic because it hosts one of the most epic fights ever seen in this title, the fight against the imposing Kel’Thuzad that was a real headache for many players at its original launch.

The raid has 4 wings and more than 15 clashes that will represent a great challenge for players. Not everyone can enter the introductory event of this Raid since you must have a certain level in Argent Dawn to participate.

Specifically, the Naxrammas initiation event will be included in WoW Classic this December 1, with different missions that you can complete to increase your rank and prepare to be ready to triumph in the final combat.

The Invasion of the Scourge event will include necrotic runes that players can use to acquire oils and holy whetstones to help them defeat enemies in the raid.

Previously, in this event (originally launched in 2006) you had to defend 300 areas attacked by the enemies of the Plague in a single week, so you had to play as long as possible to take advantage of the available time of the event.

Now, Blizzard has decided to change the conditions of the event to make it more in line with the current situation of WoW Classic. In this case, players will have to defend 600 zones and the duration of the event will be extended up to a month, ending on December 31st.

100 zones will be added first, then 200 and finally 300, so that players do not feel so much pressure and can take their time to enjoy this legendary challenge.

Of course, if you don’t have much time to prepare, you can always choose to buy wow classic gold to get all the coins you need and reach the optimal level to face Kel’Thuzad with your team.

Remember that building a team is essential to complete these difficult raids. Experts recommend forming a team of 40 people to increase the probability of achieving the main goal, although there must be very good communication throughout the group to achieve it.

Besides, another very good option is to team up with experienced players who have already faced this raid in its original version and have enough knowledge to guide the rest of the group and plan strategies to avoid beginner mistakes in the journey.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)