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Discover the different options when looking for a heated circulating water bath

Do you own a laboratory? Then you probably found out you need a lot of equipment. One of the most used lab equipment is a circulation water bath. There are a lot of variations of it. Think about a refrigerated circulating water bath, recirculating cooling water bath, viscosity bath, calibration bath or a heated circulating water bath. You hear it, the options are endless. When you are looking for a circulating bath for in your laboratory, you best visit the web shop of Prolyse BV!

A specialist in the field of laboratory equipment

Why choose Prolyse BV? Because they distinguishes themselves with its organizational capacity and strong after-sales service. They put their focus either on an eminent relationship with customers (customer intimacy), excelling in product characteristics (product leadership) or excelling operational processes (operational excellence). They always obtain the best possible result and strive for sustainable customer satisfaction and loyalty. The company is a dedicated, dynamic company, located in The Netherlands, but delivers all over the world.

A heated circulating water bath for all your laboratory’s heating needs

PolyScience offers several solutions for your laboratory’s liquid heating needs. They offer over 50 different solutions when you are looking for a heated circulating water bath. Those baths have features like working temperatures from ambient to +200⁰C. But also temperature stabilities up to +/- 0.005⁰C, large bath openings and easy-to-clean surfaces, capacities from 6 to 28 liters and six controller types with large, intuitive displays and multiple communication options.

Order online

Did you find the heated circulating water bath you were looking for? Ordering your heated circulating water bath for your laboratory from this company is also attractive because you pay no shipping costs on orders above 500 euros. Do you have any further questions about their services or products? Get in contact with them by giving them a call!