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Is Fasting Good for Dogs and Pets?

Many people are used to fasting once in a while to enjoy the numerous benefits of fasting. It is common for people to wonder if fasting is equally suitable for dogs and pets. The initial thought in your mind may be that it is unethical or even abusive to deprive your pet of the food. However, fasting is actually very beneficial for the dogs as well. It can boost their energy, improve the immune system, kill viruses, and enhance the digestion process.

This article deals with the best type of fasting for the pets and their advantages.

Therapeutic Fasting for Pets

Therapeutic fasting means making use of fat stores while fasting. It is the best type of fasting for pets. However, it should be remembered that sick animals, elderly pets, and puppies should refrain from fasting.

In a therapeutic fast, a dog is given just sufficient nutrition to initiate the breakdown of fats and keep the body functions stable. It should not be compared to intermittent fasting as you are not starving your dog by giving them anything.

Cats cannot go on therapeutic fasts because their livers cannot maintain the nutrition level. In fact, if a cat does not eat food for an extended period of time, it can suffer from feline hepatic lipidosis.

Some of the significant benefits of therapeutic fasting for dogs are”

Increased Macrophage Activity

A macrophage is a form of phagocyte that can fight viral and bacterial infections. Increased macrophage activity is beneficial in keeping your dog safe and healthy.

Relaxes Digestive System

Since a dog is likely to eat numerous times a day, the digestive system is also expected to be working all the time. During the therapeutic fasting, the digestive system of your dog gets an essential rest. With relaxed digestion, energy is conserved, and other body functions are improved.

Greater Natural Killer Cells


Natural killer cells perform the function of fighting off any potential viruses in an animal’s body. They can destroy old, damaged, and tumor cells as well. Your dog can have more natural killer cells through therapeutic fasting.

It might not sound like your dog would want any natural killer cells, but they’re a good thing, we promise. These cells have the potential to destroy virus-ridden cells as well as tumor cells. It’s possible your dog could increase their count of natural killer cells with a therapeutic fast.

Greater Monocytes

Monocytes are similar to macrophages that destroy infectious particles and improve the overall immunity.

Increased Number of Neutrophils

Neutrophils are another type of white blood cell. They can kill dangerous bacteria and microorganisms.

More Immunoglobin

Just like in humans, anemia is also prevalent in dogs. Therapeutic fast increases immunoglobin dogs, which can prevent anemia and other blood-related conditions.


The advantages of therapeutic fasting for dogs discussed above are some of the many. There is no need to think about the process of being cruel. By making your pets fast, you are improving their health and giving them a stable, healthy, and long life. If your dog is young and healthy, there is no reason to keep them fasting and enjoying its massive benefits.