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The wonderful world of healing herbs

The wonderful world of healing herbs

Forget a doctor with a monitor, mother nature has a lot in store that help you either mentally or physically. Holistic healing with the help of serbs, seeds or other forms which are found in nature trace back to ancient ancestors in a lot of parts in the world, mostly Latin America or Asia. We’ll introduce you to some of the most popular herbs that having healing qualities. All of these can be bought at smartshops. 


There’s a chance that you have had bits of this plant before, since little substance of it is also commonly used in energy pills and energy drinks, since it contains caffeïne. Guaraná is a plant that is natively found in the Amazon. It is also known as Brazilian Cocoa, Cacao Brésilien, Guarana Seed Extract, Guaranine, Paullinia cupana, Paullinia sorbilis, Zoom and other names.

Some uses not proven with research have included treatment of anxiety, improvement of mental performance, weight loss, malaria, diarrhea, fever, headaches, heart problems, enhancement of athletic performance, chronic fatigue syndrome, joint pain, fluid retention and others. Guarna is used in the form of pills.

Absinth Alsem

You should absolutely try this one if you are an artist and are experiencing a writers block. Absinth Alsem, which stems from ancient India, stimulates creativity thinking and thereby give you a feeling of rest and relaxation aswell. You can also take pills with Absinth extract when you are feeling stressed or rushed. Be careful though, in combination with alcohol this substance can give you hallucinations.



A solution to covid symptoms, maybe? Ginkgo Biloba is a tree that is originally from China, but was brought to Japan. These herbs should be induced with hot water and be consumed as tea. Ginkgo increases the blood supply to the brain and improves the breathing system of the body. This herb also helps fight depression, stimulates concentration, memory, as well as the senses. That’s a lot for one herb! And it also helps lightening up your current mood. A true wonder.



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