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What makes Italian pizza so delicious?

Everyone likes to eat Italian pizzas. Pizza is a dish which you enjoy, that tastes good and that you can share. Comparing a pizza from the supermarket with a real Italian pizza is difficult. At Monte Pizza Crust we have contributed to this with our high quality Italian pizza base.

The Pizza base

We start at the beginning; the base. The Italian Pizza bases should be thin and crispy. It all starts with the dough, it is really important to knead the dough well and divide into spheres. Let the dough rise for one hour, then shape it into a pizza. Now it is ready to go into the oven. Because the Italians use a wood-fired oven, the edge of the bottom does not brown evenly, but with some dark spots here and there. The sauce of an Italian pizza is made from local, peeled tomatoes. The sauce is baked separately before it goes over the pizza base. 

The spices

Using herbs is popular amongst Italian pizza bakers, they all use herbs on their pizza. The star of every pizza is: oregano. It is hard to imagine a pizza without oregano, which can be recognised by its pleasant smell. Another important Italian pizza is; basil. A pizza is only half as good without the basil, which makes it sweet and peppery and gives your food a pleasant flavour. The trick with an Italian pizza is to use only the most important herbs, too many herbs ruin the taste.

The toppings

One of the big characteristics of Italian pizza is the simplicity of the pizza. It is important that you only add basic ingredients. This brings out the flavour of the pizza and tomato sauce. Many pizzas use small slices of pepperoni and grated cheese. A real Italian pizza contains large slices of mozzarella and ham, for example

Get served

Another characteristic of Italian pizza is the way it is served. The pizza is not cut into pizza slices, but served in its entirety. Did you know the Italian pizza contains the colours of the Italian flag, namely red (tomato sauce), white (mozzarella) and green (basil)? At Monte Pizza Crust you buy a pizza base to create a perfect pizza.