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E1 Investments Aurich – Real estate investor & broker

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH, with its headquarters in Wiesbaden, the capital of the state of Hesse, is a nationwide service provider for all aspects of off market real estate. Since the mid-2000s, the portfolio has included the purchase of residential and commercial real estate, the brokerage of new and existing properties, and real estate auditing. At the beginning of the new decade, E1 Holding is an excellently networked partner in the off market as a real estate broker and investment agent.

E1 Holding’s dense to close-meshed network includes more than three and a half dozen locations for investment and real estate throughout Germany. One of them is located in Aurich, the second largest city in East Frisia. Aurich is almost 200 km² in size; around 43,000 inhabitants live in the 20 or so villages. In the former residence town of East Frisian princes, the interests of E1 Holding are represented by real estate investor and real estate agent Andreas Boyken. 

Invest in East Frisia with Off Market Real Estate and Capital Investments

One of the advantages of investment properties that we at E1 broker or market in the entire Aurich region is the secure return with the lowest possible risk. Our many years of knowledge of the real estate market in Aurich and the whole of East Frisia virtually guarantee that we will find an interesting and suitable property for you. Together with you, we will develop a tailor-made investment plan based on the property appraisal. The real estate and properties we offer are marketed exclusively and not publicly within the Off Market. These are the best conditions for a promising and lucrative investment project here in Aurich.

Investment properties for private, commercial and institutional investors

As a service provider specialising in investment properties, E1 Holding has a portfolio of off market properties that is as large as it is interesting. The central database contains carefully selected and exclusively valued properties. Our investment offer for the city and county of Aurich is mainly directed at three groups of interested parties: private, commercial and institutional investors.

In the real estate off market, absolute discretion is the most important asset for us. In this way, we protect real estate providers on the one hand and investors on the other hand from any speculation and from the public. Our goal is always to bring the parties together within two weeks and to contractually fix the real estate or investment business. At the beginning of the 2020s, the E1 investment at the Aurich location in investment properties is well over EUR 500 million.

Brokerage and sale of properties in Aurich and the surrounding area

E1 Holding with Andreas Boyken is also the right contact in Aurich if you intend to offer your property here in the region of East Frisia to commercial or industrial investors. We cooperate on a long-term basis with investors as well as investor groups that implement construction projects in the Aurich area and its surroundings. For this purpose, we have one of the largest networks for investment property investors in Germany and are in constant contact with private or institutional investors who are implementing new yield projects here in the Aurich area. Together with you we determine your expectations and objectives.

Full service at the investment and real estate broker for Aurich

With Andreas Boyken from E1 Holding you have a real real estate professional at your side when it comes to an investment, a real estate purchase or the sale of land here in the Aurich region.

Our services include the
– Query investment objectives
– Development of off market investment strategies
– Object check and object evaluation
– Direct approach to investors from the private and institutional sectors
– Purchase and price negotiations
– Support with contract drafting and financing
– Preparation of the notarial purchase contract
– Presence at the signing of the contract
– Object transfer with protocol
– ……….