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Maximize your transport capacity thanks to a double deck trailer

Would you like to optimize the transportation of your goods? It may be wise to explore the possibilities of transport with a double deck truck and trailer. Using a double deck trailer to transport your goods results in quick and efficient transportation across Europe. The main advantage of a double deck trailer truck is that it offers approximately double the capacity of a regular trailer. In turn, it is the perfect solution if you need to transport large quantities of goods or even voluminous goods such as matrasses or foam products.

How does a double deck trailer work?

It may be obvious that loading goods into a double deck trailer is somewhat different from loading a regular truck. To enable double or even triple stacking, a truck fleet is equipped with a hydraulic lift mechanism. This  mechanism makes it possible to compress voluminous goods without the risk of damaging the products in the process. After completely loading the first deck, it is then lifted to make room for another loading deck. The forklift operator can then stack the goods on the second truck deck below. When all decks are finally loaded, the decks are lowered into their final positions in the trailer for transport. This is the perfect solution to fit compressed goods into less space, meaning it might take just one double deck trailer truck to transport your goods across Europe. The result is reduced transportation costs and an overall higher efficiency rate.

Inquire about the endless possibilities

Are you looking for a transport specialist who has a double deck trailer in his truck fleet? Then Blankers Transport is the perfect partner for you. They have over 40 trucks available; some are destined for regular transport and others are equipped for specialized transportation thanks to double loading floors. Experience the great service of these specialists firsthand. For example, you can constantly track your goods thanks to the advanced route tracking system. In addition, your goods are protected with a BV3 alarm. Inquire about all the endless possibilities of their truck fleet and ensure maximum capacity for your transport.