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Shoplazza VS Lightspeed: Which E-commerce Platform Is The Perfect Fit For Your Online Store?

The e-commerce marketplace is highly competitive; everyone seems to have a product to sell, and they’re all online. So, while the market itself is booming, competitive, and highly dynamic, the demand for the platforms themselves is not far off!

One of the essential choices shop owners have to make is deciding which of the many e-commerce platforms to choose from. Unfortunately, that’s not the only serious consideration for shop owners to save valuable time and effort.

This article will compare two prevalent and highly functional e-commerce platforms: vs. Lightspeed e-commerce. Let’s go!



Shoplazza is a simple-to-use, drag-and-drop website builder. It is also, however, a highly functional and super-effective e-commerce platform.

Shoplazza puts you, as the business owner, in complete control of your products, your platform, and everything else you need.

Their online infrastructure is probably the most robust feature that the platform offers, and it gives you access to every possible tool and business solution to do just about anything.

Is Shoplazza Worth It?

Yes, it is. As one of the most popular and versatile e-commerce platforms, it is well-established and functional. It tends to be more popular with the larger retailers and small-to-medium sized businesses, but this shouldn’t put off individual vendors or dropshippers, as it offers various product sourcing options and can revolutionize the way you do business.

It is useful to add here that there have been some rumors about Shoplazza’s credibility. In response, Shoplazza’s risk control department has systematically addressed and resolved allegations of certain vendors using the platform to scam unassuming buyers taking place. And you can use this complaint registration form to help identify and prevent further illegal actions. 

It is inevitable for large platforms like this to attract dishonest people. Still, they have a fantastic customer complaint process that is responsive and helpful to anyone who reports fraud. 



You can view customer information and analyze multi-channel sales data from the all-in-one system that Lightspeed provides. It’s a fully-integrated retail solution that allows you to organize and manage in-store and online inventory. 

Checkouts are fully customizable too, and you’re able to cross-sell, up-sell, and provide similar product recommendations to your customers. It also facilitates direct selling over Facebook, and you can create and print shipping labels directly from the system. 


Is Lightspeed Worth it?

Absolutely. There are so many features and functions, and they’ve gone all out in providing online retailers with everything they could ever need.

One of their most attractive features is the built-in SEO tools from which you can manage your search engine rank, and there is a built-in blogging feature that helps connect stories about your products to your online store.

Lightspeed is well priced for what you get. New and smaller retailers might want to choose a service that offers a more basic and affordable package, but in terms of value for money, and if you can afford it, then Lightspeed is a great choice.



So who wins? Let’s call it a draw! Both of these e-commerce platforms offer great solutions for online businesses. So if you’re in the market, you should definitely check out both of these platforms and maybe have a (free) trial before deciding on the best one for your specific needs! 


(Contributed by Aneeca Younas & Hermes Fang)