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7 Surprising Trends and New Forms of Product Descriptions: Increase Your Sales

Product descriptions are the main attraction of an e-commerce website to persuade visitors to buy products. As a result, you must pay extra love and attention to the product pages of your online store.

Many e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and Shoplazza, allow people to edit product descriptions. However, few online store owners know what is best for their customers.

That’s why it’s more important to know about the trends and new forms of product descriptions to drive your online sales.


1. Write Like You’re Speaking with a Customer

Writing a product description doesn’t mean that you’re writing an elaborate fairy tale. It means you’re writing as if you’re speaking about the product before a customer.

So, when you write a product description, you have to use conversational language that’s easy to understand and helps sell the product.


2. Include the Right Keywords

Many marketers first write product descriptions and then optimize them later, so they make mistakes. But you should write a properly planned and optimized product description first to get good traffic and sales.

In this case, you must include the search terms that shoppers use most, and it will give you a better chance to show your product page in the search results faster.


3. Include Features, Pros & Cons of Each Product

One of the most important things about writing a product description is that you have to include the features and benefits of the product.

Not only that, but you also have to include the cons of the product. The buyers can get an actual idea of the product.


4. Use ALT Text On Image

It’s true that if your product page doesn’t show up in searches, eventually, there will be no outcome from your writing.

So, to drive traffic to your product page, your product descriptions must be SEO-friendly.

In this case, you may use ALT text on your product image so that it shows up faster on buyers’ searches.


5. Include a “How-to” Section on Your Product Page

If you expect your visitors not to go somewhere else to get extra information about the product, you must add a how-to section on your product description page. For example, you may add:

  • How to apply it;
  • How to install it;
  • How to Clean it;
  • How to use it;
  • How to start it;
  • How to stop it.

It’s an essential part of the product descriptions that help visitors get complete product details.


6. Add a Brand Story of Your Product With a Shorter Background

Remember that people don’t buy products; they buy stories behind them. That means if your product is a popular brand, it will drive sales faster.

So, you have to write a short history of the brand of your product that must influence the visitors to buy the product.


7.   Add a FAQ Section to Your Product Page

Though an email address is given on every e-commerce site for customer support, it takes a long time to answer the customer’s queries.

From a buyer’s point of view, you may add some common questions and answers about the product so that both the customers and the buyers get the answers to the queries that arise in their minds.



Google is constantly being updated and changing its strategies. To keep pace with its strategy, you must follow the trends and new forms of product descriptions that we mentioned above.

However, you should always keep in mind that if the buyers’ expectations are fulfilled from your product page, that means your products have a greater chance of being sold.


(Contributed by Sohel Rana & Hermes Fang)