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An aeromedical center for medical examinations

Are you looking for an aeromedical center for medical examinations? At Sky Medical Center, they specialise in aero-medicine and all their doctors are qualified examiners. They carry out multiple examinations, such as for EASA class 1 or 2 or a LAPL medical examination. They are situated in Eindhoven Airport, which is an ideal location for aeromedical examinations. Apply for a medical examination now!

Why would you choose this professional for your examinations?

At Sky Medical Center in Eindhoven Airport, they offer the sharpest rates for the examinations. This aeromedical center offers many benefits. All their doctors are qualified examiners, so you are always assured of a reliable medical exam. If you call them today for a medical examination, they will schedule an examination very soon, so you will never have to wait very long. You will receive the medical certificate immediately upon approval. Choosing this specialist for medical examinations also has some practical benefits. They are situated next to the airport terminal of Eindhoven Airport, which means you will not have to travel far and you can park for free in front of their door. Choose this expert and make an appointment today.

Make an appointment for your medical examination

Are you interested in an LAPL, FAA or other medical examination at this aeromedical center? If you would like to benefit from the best rates and if you want to undergo an exam as soon as possible, they are happy to help you. Discover all the benefits that this expert has to offer and make an appointment as soon as possible. Do you have any questions about this center and the way they work? You can always contact this professional and the friendly employees will inform you about how they work and when you they can schedule an appointment for your examination.