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How to get more out of your Spotify as an artist

How do you get more out of your Spotify ambitions? Spotify is a swedish provider for music streams that is done entirely online. Spotify enables users to stream music live in there own bedroom or livingroom. This has made a revolutionary step in the way humans listen to music.

Users are now able to use a database that has stored milions and milions of songs. This makes it very easy for a user to find what he or she is looking for and stream this directly to their phone or computer. In this way, people can listen to music anywhere and makes this proces a lot easier.

 Spotify works with a freemium way of getting their profits. When someone wants to listen to music but not pay, this is possible. The only (biggest) downside is that he or she has to listen to various advertisement breaks. These advertisement breaks are up every 30 minutes what makes it similar to most radio stations.

When someone wants to go premium, that is possible too. For a monthly fee the ads will disappear and the user can listen to whatever music he or she wants. This is another side of the business model of Spotify and the way the company earns their money.

Spotify plays

On the other side of the coin you have the Spotify artists. These are not the people that listen to the music but actually make the music that is out there. They create the content on which Spotify leans on and their users listen to. What are the goals of these artists and why are they on this platform to share their music for (almost) free?

Artists, and specially starting artists, want to get their name out there and be known to start up their music career. This is very difficult to begin with and is a relative long proces what makes it quite peculliar. To get a bigger audience and work better with the algorithm a singer or music artist has to get more spotify plays.

This is hard as they usually have a pretty small fanbase to begin with. So the algorithm won’t show their music a lot to other people since it hasn’t been played a lot. This makes their situation harder because it just gets harder and harder to grow their fanbase to the size they would like it to be.

 Having more spotify plays helps with getting their fanbase and reaching their audience. Buy Spotify plays on the website of Streamko.