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Playing squash with friends

Playing squash with friends

This can be very entertaining. The reason why i’m writing about playing squash with friends today is that I would like to show the world how healthy and great squash can be. Squash has been around for several generations now and, in my opinion, really doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Squash is a very healthy sport and can help a lot of people getting in the shape they want to be while meeting the friends they want to meet. Because, next to the healthy part, squash is a very social activity since it is always played by two people.

When you are a member of a squash association you will make a lot of new friends in a very short period of time. In these days, where the digital world has created a solitary existence for many, this is a very nice way to meet the friends you would like to meet. Besides, squashers are called the fittest people on earth for a reason. This is because they constantly work hard to improve their squashgame and improve their fitness level to get the maximum result.

Did you know that you burn around 500 calories playing squash for half an hour? That means that, when you would play squash for an hour you could burn over 1000 calories? In my eyes that is a great way to lose fat in a relatively short amount of time.

Playing squash: How do you do that?

Playing squash can be quite difficult to start with. The reason for that is that the ball is very cold when you are not able to hit it hard. If the ball stays cold it means it doesn’t bounce as much as you would like it to. When the ball doesn’t bounce it is harder to really get rallies going with the person you are playing with.

This is the reason why they have one dot balls that are a bit bouncier. This makes the game of squash accessible for people that haven’t played the game for a longer period or are not as powerful to hit the ball harder.

Squash is a game that is suppossed to be played by two people that are playing against eachother. Both players will try to make the ball bounce twice before the other player gets to the ball. It is important that you have the right squash material for playing your squash matches. A very trustworthy provider of squash material is Quality Squash Stores. An online squash webshop that provides squash rackets, squash shoes and everything else that you need for playing squash.