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Painting walls: colours

Painting a wall or multiple walls in your house has a lot of effect. A different colour on the wall can change the whole look and feeling of the room and it will seem completely new. Are you planning to paint your walls but you don’t know what colour to choose? Let us help you learn some more about colours.


Colours tend to evoke meanings, and when it comes to your house, you surely want to choose a colour that fits a good meaning and feeling.

Red usually stands for love, warmth, passion and desire, but also for danger, strength and energy. Pink is a lovely colour that stands for feminine, love and caring. Orange and yellow are both very happy and cheerful colours, that stand for enthusiasm, creativity, comfort, optimism and happiness. Green makes many people feel calm, the colour represents reliability, well-being, nature, relaxation, safety and harmony. Blue is a colour that is used a lot and it stands for peace, loyalty, trust, coldness and stability. Purple is not used that much, but is a beautiful colour nonetheless, which stands for royalty, nobility, elegance, luxury and magic. Brown represents relaxing, casual, nature, earthy and endurance. Then, the two colours that some people do call colours and some people do not, black and white. Black stands for power, strength, night, sophistication and formality. And last but not least, white stands for cleanliness, newness, purity, peace, innocence and simplicity.

If these descriptions have helped you and you have come to choose a colour, then you have one thing to do, which is actually painting the wall or walls. You can hire someone to do the job, but it is also nice to do it yourself. To make it easier, you could use one of the many sorts of paintsprayers. Seach on the internet and find the best airless paint sprayer for the job.