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Abstract custom paintings to complete your interior

Have you been searching for a long time for an object to complete your interior? Have you ever thought about art? Maybe it seemed like too big an investment or you just haven’t found the right piece. In that case, it is an interesting option to engage an artist for custom paintings. This way, you are guaranteed to get works that fully match your interior. If you are specifically looking for abstract art, then we have a certain artist to recommend. Continue reading and find out who.

This artist makes custom abstract paintings

Ellen de Vylder is an artist from near Antwerp in Belgium who makes abstract custom art. Highly recommended if you like dreamy and expressive colours. Ellen always lets herself be led by free colour associations and thus obtains new results every time. She also gets her inspiration from dreams. If this sounds good, it is possible to view some works online. In this case, a picture certainly says more than a thousand words.

Let her know your requirements

For custom paintings, it is obviously important that you indicate exactly what you expect from the work. Important are the size, your favourite colours and the period in which you want to receive the work. The size can vary greatly. Thus, large wall paintings are certainly possible. You can always invite Ellen to give you a better idea of your interior for custom paintings. Think well before you pass on the colours. Adjustment during painting is very difficult, although you can always count on regular updates. Normally paintings are finished within six weeks. Apart from custom paintings, Ellen always has some works available for purchase. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest to stay informed about new works. Also, do not be afraid to contact her to discuss works. Ellen likes to get to know her customers personally.