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Madden NFL 21 – Franchise Mode Updates

Madden NFL 21 franchise mode got a significant update. Several aspects of this mode were changed. Dev trait regression is one of them. Star, superstar and superstar X-factors feature preferred counts that represent the right amount for each dev trait in the franchise. You will notice a new league setting available for each dev trait.

Commissioners can make use of this option to set the correct amount for the league XP. A new system was designed to find out which players are most likely to regress. In the eventuality of more players at a certain dev trait than the system says, players will regress based on a priority until the target is achieved. There might be cases where there are a bit too much than the objective after regression if there are no players that meet the conditions.

Dev trait regression is not a mandatory gameplay element. You can simply go to league settings and put this option off.  The criteria to get a breakout dev scenario for positions was changed too. This will ensure that not too many high dev traits will occur after a couple of years.

Three new quarterback breakout dev scenarios have been added. They will happen during the season. There’s an option to put them off if you wish.

Once Week 13 of the regular season starts, players will have things-to-do items. This will show you the current playoff status provided the season ended that week. When the wild card week starts, the playoff bracket will feature the scores of all played matches. You can see the box score by clicking on the match-up. The schedule button will provide a way to check out the bracket. You will notice a new tile called playoff picture. Player card career stats were added per community demand.

The week match-up and the result of the match for each player’s season stats can be seen on their cards. This card will also feature the player’s team. Another feature request by the community was a superstar and superstar X-factor customization. Commissioners can change the abilities of athletes that are managed by others and the CPU. Players must reach a certain OVR for the ability in the archetype to be applied.

You will do this from the player card by easily clicking the abilities. Retirement improvements are among the updates as well. From the re-sign players week, you will see a things-to-do item that enables players to access the transactions screen and the retired players.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)